Damsels & Dragons (Odonata)

When in Madagascar we saw many cool insects but some of the most colourful were the dragon and damselflies (order Odonata). The easiest way to tell between dragon and damselflies is through the difference in their wings when they land. When landed damselflies shut their wings whilst dragonflies leave them open. Damselflies, sub-order Zygoptera, have … Continue reading Damsels & Dragons (Odonata)


Marvellous Millipedes

There is nothing eerier than sitting on the rainforest floor and hearing a scuttling pitter patter of 100's of tiny legs coming towards you. However, once you have identified the culprit these often brightly coloured invertebrates are spectacular to behold. We only saw the large millipedes after there had been rainfall the previous day, and … Continue reading Marvellous Millipedes