Damsels & Dragons (Odonata)

When in Madagascar we saw many cool insects but some of the most colourful were the dragon and damselflies (order Odonata). The easiest way to tell between dragon and damselflies is through the difference in their wings when they land. When landed damselflies shut their wings whilst dragonflies leave them open. Damselflies, sub-order Zygoptera, have four wings roughly of equal size and are found close to water. Dragonflies, suborder Anisoptera, have unequal wings, which are a largely transparent. Dragonflies are thought to be stronger fliers and can be found a fair distance from water. In Madagascar the dragon and damselflies were all colours, shapes and sizes. They were incredibly skittish but below are some of the ones we managed to get photos of!

Damselfly Pictures


Dragonfly Pictures


Did you know that dragonflies often have eyes that touch in the middle, giving them a slightly cross-eyed look!






An iridescent wing we thought from the shape must have come from the order Odonata.



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