Marvellous Millipedes

There is nothing eerier than sitting on the rainforest floor and hearing a scuttling pitter patter of 100’s of tiny legs coming towards you. However, once you have identified the culprit these often brightly coloured invertebrates are spectacular to behold. We only saw the large millipedes after there had been rainfall the previous day, and would see them climbing down from the trees onto the forest floor. We saw 4 different types of Millipedes in the rainforest – see below for details!

Red Millipede

See a video of this here


Pill Millipede

This was a relatively small pill millipede but we saw a much larger one that we failed to get a picture of! These pill millipedes can roll into a tight ball.


Black Millipede

See a video we took of this species here


Juvenile Emerald Pill Millipedes

This was one of the weirdest sights that we came across in the jungle, hundreds of what looked like bright green woodlice! When juveniles, these emerald pill millipedes exhibit this swarming behaviour, for what reason? We don’t currently know, but it is thought that this swarming behaviour might be a conservation problem for these species as it could mean that a whole generation is in one area, and therefore easy to wipe out.




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